Welcome to Stargazing Dreams

Start with wonder.  I believe that is where picture books grow best. What do you remember of early wonder? For me early wonder came from stargazing with my mother. On summer nights, we would lay down on the lush grass and gaze at the sky all around.

My child mind imagined the stars as little pinpricks in the dark velvet sky. They let the light shine in. Thousands of stars, some so bright and twinkly. There were also planets. Stars twinkle, planets shine. What an amazing thing to know. I tested it out. It was true. Venus shone with her steady, tranquil light. The North star twinkled and sparkled.

Of course, I also soon learned that stars were not pinpricks in the vast velvet night sky, but giant balls of fire, sending their light to us over unimaginable distances. More wonder.

I was an adult before it struck me that the only thing between me and all the far distant stars was the thin mantle of earth’s atmosphere and seemingly endless space. Suddenly, the stars and I were neighbors. Another piece of wonder.

And neighbors venturing together. The stars we see with our naked eyes are in our own Milky Way galaxy, all traveling together to a distant place in the universe. Another wonder.

Stargazing and children’s picture books also venture together, through creating wonder and springing up from it. I hope you will encounter a wonder today. Hold it up to the sky and see what opens out of it, perhaps a gem that will grow into a lovely picture book.

Thank you again for stopping by.