One sparkling, bright winter morning, Bunny finds a surprise where he lives in Kate’s backyard, a snowcreature. Bunny longs to have the snowcreature be his special friend but she is not yet really real.

Determined to help, Bunny goes on a perilous journey to find his neighbor, Stella. He is sure Stella will have the “just right magic” to make the snowcreature really real. Perhaps Bunny will have his special friend at last.

BIMBY AND THE BUNNY is a heartwarming story about bravery, the power of friendship, and what makes us really real.





Print of Clarkson from 1840 by Charles Turner for Exhibition, The Atlantic: Slave, Trade, Empire; Enslavement and Resistance, held by the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Michael Graham-Stewart Slavery Collection.

EVERYONE WILL BE FREE: Thomas Clarkson and the End of Slavery in the British Empire.

(Currently on submission)

Thomas Clarkson was the originator of the brilliant campaign that ended slavery in the British Empire and created the template for modern human rights activism.

In 1787, Thomas brought together twelve men to form the Committee for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Thomas and the Committee carefully organized an innovative campaign that created something entirely new – a nation-wide movement to end an abuse of human rights. In their campaign, they pioneered almost all techniques used today by human rights activists. Thomas was the  skillful driving force throughout.

Children will cheer for Thomas and the Committee as they develop their anti-slavery campaign. Details of the slave trade will be presented in ways that children can understand. Children will also be inspired by the free British African, Olaudah Equiano, who also worked in Great Britain to end slavery

In 1833, the work of Thomas and the Committee and their African allies in Great Britain succeeded. The British Parliament passed the Slavery Abolition Act, ending slavery in the British Empire. Eight hundred thousand people became free. The great historian Alexis de Tocqueville wrote that Thomas and the Committee were “absolutely without precedent … If you pour over the history of all peoples, I doubt that you will find anything more extraordinary.”

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