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I grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois where stories were a big part of life. My family cherished stories. Family gatherings were laced with favorites. These stories took me to magical places. I loved hearing them over and over. I spent many hours with my toys creating my own magical stories of adventure.

As an adult, I had the great good fortune to live in a community on a farm in the Driftless area of southwestern Wisconsin. We had horses, a huge vegetable garden, glorious potlucks, festivals, music, an Asian import shop in our converted barn, and many adventures. More stories.

In my work life, I was employed in the non-profit world, doing counseling with children. After several years, I established a private psychotherapy practice working with adults. As a psychotherapist, I listened to many stories. In these stories, I met frightening monsters, experienced many wonders, and witnessed great courage and healing.


I am a great fan of children’s picture books, reading, gifting, and collecting many favorites. One day, quite serendipitously, a phrase popped into my head that led to writing a rhyming picture book. I had so much fun with the writing, I was captured. I’ve been writing children’s picture books since.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin in an urban forest near three shining lakes. I have wonderful human neighbors and many animal friends – songbirds, hawks, owls, raccoons, possums, chipmunks, squirrels, fox, coyotes, and special mention to the turkeys who perch occasionally on my neighbor’s roof.

Currently, I have one children’s picture book, BIMBY AND THE BUNNY, published as an e-book. Click here to learn more. Also, on my Books page, you can learn about my nonfiction picture book for children, EVERYONE WILL BE FREE: Thomas Clarkson and the End of Slavery in the British Empire. I am actively submitting queries to find a publishing home for this book.

I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Wisconsin Writers Association. I love horses, cats, singing, knitting, physics, math, and stargazing.

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